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Unit Sizes/Description
  Unit Size This Unit will hold

(25 Sq. Ft.)

Small Closet

Can accommodate the contents for a small closet, chest of drawers, approx. 50 file boxes.

(50 Sq. Ft.)

Walk-in Closet

A Walk-in closet, holds furnishings from a typical home office, or a couch, chair, and mattress set.

(100 Sq. Ft.)

One Bedroom Apartment

Holds the contents of a one bedroom apartment including appliances, or approx. 200 boxes.

(150 Sq. Ft.)

Two Bedroom Apartment

Holds the contents of a two bedroom apartment, or two office suites, building materials, apprix. 300 boxes.

(200 Sq. Ft.)

Small Home

Accommodates furnishings and boxes from small homes, a car/truck, two-three bedroom apartment with appliances.

(250 Sq. Ft.)

Two to Three Bedroom Home

Accommodates contents of a two-three bedroom home, car/truck storage.

(300 Sq. Ft.)

Three to Four Bedroom Home

Accommodates contents of a three-four bedroom home, car/truck storage

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