Storage Tips
Storage for Personal - Households

Need a temporary place to put furniture and household items? Too much stuff and too little space? Need an extra closet for your excess stuff? Want a place for your memories? Need to clean and organize your garage? Perhaps you're moving or just simply need to reorganize your attic, basement, or office?

You'll have a private and secure place you can access conveniently. You keep the key to your lock. Imagine the convenience of storing just about everything: clothing, furniture, boats or RV's - You name it! Your kids toys? your mother's furniture? Stuff from college? Boxes of paper and files? There's a space that's just right for you. For as long as you need it!

Domestic / Residential Storage Tips

Expert Tips on Storage
  1. Plan your storage space.
  2. Place items that you may need access regularly in the front.
  3. Allow for walk-ways so you can access all item easily.
  4. Do not lean any item against the walls of the storage unit.
  5. Leave a small space around the perimeter of your storage unit to aid in circulation.
  6. Use the same size boxes for easy stacking.
  7. Avoid putting too much in each box.
  8. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes.
  9. Do not overpack a carton or it will be too hard to lift or rearrange in the unit when adding additional items and removing needed ones.
  10. Be sure to pack cartons so they are evenly balanced and will not tip over onto other items.
  11. Use drawers in furniture for storing pictures, knick-knacks, china, silverware, and small items. Wrap them in our bubble wrap or acid free tissue paper to prevent breakage.
  12. Use large appliances as 'packing case' for blankets, towels, table cloths, and clothes.
  13. Garden tools can be stored together in empty rubbish bins.
  14. Stack bins and buckets inside one another.
Large Appliancess
  1. When storing a refrigerator or freezer, be sure that the unit is thoroughly dry and clean to prevent moisture and mildew from damaging any of your valuables.
  2. Store with the door slightly ajar.

Metal Items

  1. Wipe metal items such as bicycles and tools with a few drops of oil to help prevent them from rusting in storage.
  2. Pack these items away from goods that may be stained.


  1. Place all books flat in smaller size book/wine cartons.
  2. Do not over fill the boxes so they become too heavy to lift.
  3. Fill any empty spaces so the items do not move around.
  1. Disassemble tables and beds and wrap legs in paper.
  2. Store couches (except sofa-beds) on end to maximize space.
  3. Stack chairs seat-to seat with cloth or paper separating them.
  4. Place a pad or cover over all furniture to protect them from scratches and other harm.
  5. If tables will not dissemble, lay table top face down on the floor with the legs pointing up. Be sure to protect the table top with a blanket or towel.
  6. Stand mattresses on their side, to prevent them from bending out of shape and becoming lumpy.
  7. Do not place sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

Glassware & Breakables

  1. Wrap all glassware items separately in butcher's paper or acid free tissue.
  2. Pack breakables in sturdy boxes marked 'FRAGILE'.
  3. Place packing in top and bottom of cartons for added protection.
  4. Place plates, saucers and bowls on their sides to prevent breakage.
  5. Fill empty spaces with newspaper.
  6. Wrap pictures and mirrors in cardboard and mark 'FRAGILE'.
  7. Never lie paintings or mirrors flat.
Storage for Corporate - Professional

Need an alternative to an unmanageable, crowded supply rooms or overflowing archival storage? You now have an option to the high cost of clutter and disorganization - long and short-term. Our facilities can accept the deliveries and make storage with us convenient.

You'll have a private convenient, and secure place you can access conveniently and discretely, and you keep the key to your lock. Imagine the convenience of storing unneeded files, extra inventory, overflow parts, or pre-season merchandise. Perhaps it's time to reorganize, but you simply cannot permanently discard valuable equipment and supplies. There's a space that just right for you. For as long as you need it!.

Corporate Storage Tips

  1. Start by inspecting your unit; it should be of adequate size to suit your requirements.
  2. Think carefully about the items that are going to be more frequently used and place them nearest the front of the unit or nearest the door.
  3. Leave a walkway to the rear of your space for easy access.
  4. Leave air space around the perimeter to aid ventilation.
  5. Label shelving accordingly so that new stock can be placed in correct area.
  6. Arrange with storage center staff to have your goods delivered directly to your space to avoid over handling.
  7. Arrange for our staff at the storage center to contact you by email, phone or fax when your stock arrives at the center.
  8. If you need to store vehicles, we can assist at some centers with space in our bulk storage area or outdoor spaces.
  9. We can help if you need climate controlled areas, i.e. pharmaceutical reps, art works, antiques etc.
  10. If you need storage in multiple locations, Spokane Storage Leader's staff will be happy to contact our other centers to provide you with a "Tailored Storage Solution".


  1. Your storage center manager is your best source for helpful storage tips and cost saving ideas. Please ask them for advice.
  2. Do not store anything NOXIOUS, HAZARDOUS, FLAMMABLE, COMBUSTIBLE (i.e. paint thinner, fuel, paint, etc. ) or PERISHABLES ( especially foodstuffs), as the arey forbidden
  3. Do not store any living things (including plants).
  4. Empty petrol from mowers, whipper snippers etc.
  5. Ensure your BBQ's gas bottle is empty and the grill surface is clean.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Whatever your storage needs we will tailor the perfect solution to suit your invidual space requirements and budget.