The business client is given the unique opportunity to design the storage program that best fits the businesses needs and budget.

convenient locations in the Spokane Metro area; Spokane Valley and North Spokane.

Temperature controlled units are available to those owners that prefer, or need this record storage feature.

A heavy duty record storage box is available for the client to purchase.

Record storage destruction services are available to the client.
Locally owned and operated with over 16 years in the storage business.

Not all companies prefer their customer documents stored in a mega warehouse with thousands of other customer records.

Knowing your documents and business materials are in a unit specific location that is safe with multiple layers of security, optimizing the accuracy of record retrieval.

Designed for the business owner for archive and active file storage.

Business professionals can store items other than file boxes, such as extra office furniture, holiday items, and trade show materials.

Record storage customers are given the choice to purchase or lease the specialty designed racking for the storage unit.

Client is provided a master inventory guide of all file boxes and stored materials in the storage unit.